It is well established that bariatric patients have better outcomes when managed by a multidisciplinary team consisting of a physician or endocrinologist, a surgeon, a psychologist and a dietician. The SAMMSS/SAMSA accreditation process is an ongoing effort to ensure that teams are trained and ready when they provide this specialist service. It includes a yearly peer review process to ensure that units are continuing to provide an excellent service. It is a way to ensure that patients are offered an optimal service that is comparable to international standards. We also aim to make sure that this vital service is available to all South Africans. This process is central to our vision of ensuring that bariatric surgery continues to grow in SA and that it remains sustainable and cost effective for all.

SAMSA accreditation - general information

This document will provide general information around SAMSA accreditation.


SAMSA accreditation process & costs

This document will explain the SAMSA accreditation process in detail.


Accreditation applications

Application for new bariatric surgeons

Click here if you would like to do a new application


Application for new bariatric team and facility

Surgeon will need to apply for accreditation separately as well.


Accredited training units

  1. Tygerberg Hospital, Western Cape
  2. Zuid Afrikaans Hospital, Gauteng
  3. Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University, Gauteng

Registered proctors

If you are interested in becoming a proctor for SAMMSS please contact Susan Parkes on [email protected]

Prof Jeanne Lubbe

Registered Proctor

Dr Thinus Smit

Registered Proctor

Prof Heine van der Walt

Registered Proctor

Dr Oleh Matsevych

Registered Proctor

Dr Ian Marr

Registered Proctor

Dr Francois Schutte

Registered Proctor

Prof Zach Koto

Registered Proctor

Peer review

The peer review process is part of the SAMMSS process to ensure that accredited units provide an excellent standard of care.

You will be required to log all your bariatric surgery cases in the SAMMSS database, with all your outcomes.

The SAMMSS governing board and proctors will ask for your permission to access your surgical outcomes data once a year.

Ongoing accreditation for the non-surgical team is dependent on:

  • Endocrinologist/physician a paid up SEMDSA member.
  • SAMMSS is made aware in cases where there is a change in the team endocrinologist/physician.
  • All post-operative follow-up visits and post operative medical complications/deaths are logged in the database.
  • Postoperative surgical morbidity and mortality is in line with internationally published numbers.
  • Yearly database fees are paid.

Ongoing accreditation for the surgeon is dependent on:

  • A surgeon must perform at least 20 bariatric surgery procedures per year.
  • His/her outcomes must be in line with international standards.
  • You must log all your procedures and outcomes in the SAMMSS database.
  • You must be a paid up member of SAMMSS.
  • Yearly database fees must be paid.